Harvard, Cancel Culture, and Narrowing Possibilities in America

I. Doubts Come in Grey

On winter mornings over the 2 years I spent in graduate school, I often awoke to a greyness common in Boston. Within the dorm, which had all the charm of Soviet-era tenements, a singular, destitute corner window provided the morning light. When it seeped through on the coldest mornings in…

Buddy’s car raced along the highways towards the laundromat. Patches of unadulterated green grass spilled off the ends of highway bridges, only to be stopped by suburban sprawl. As Buddy drove off the highway, he passed by one of his favorite spots in Plano, a fenced-off patch of grass where…

“Why aren’t you picking up my calls?” Buddy’s mom answered his call with an attitude.

“Just been busy with a case, amma.”

“What about the last three days?”

“Can’t you start a conversation with ‘How are you’ for once?”

“What did you eat for lunch?”

“Chicken and rice”, he lied.

His head was pounding. No, he heard pounding on the door. Ok,both.

You gotta be joking, he thought, it’s Sunday. He grumbled and accepted the fate of his rude awakening. He shouted “Coming!” but it came out as a mumble. He gathered his vocal strength. “Coming! Just a sec!” …

Abhijith Ravinutala

Writer in Atlanta. Fiction in Glimmer Train, Chicago Tribune, Jaggery Lit. Working on short story collection & debut novel. More at Abhijithr.com

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