Hi, it's a pleasure to see you here. I'm an Indian-American author in Austin, TX, that loves to read and write fiction and watch movies. You'll see products of those interests here, and at Abhijithr.com. Feel free to give me feedback on anything you read, because I'm obsessed with improving. I'm currently working on a short story collection and novel, which I hope to see published to much acclaim soon.

If you'd like to know more, official bio below:

Abhijith Ravinutala is an author based in Austin and a recent graduate of Harvard Divinity School, where he studied Hinduism and honed his fiction writing through workshop with Laura van den Berg. Hindu-American experiences were never well-represented or analyzed in the books he read, so Abhijith aims to fill that gap by writing stories that seek out a place for faith in the modern world. Abhijith has been published in The Southern Review, Glimmer Train Stories, Jaggery Lit, and as a Finalist in the Chicago Tribune’s Nelson Algren Awards. He has been awarded Best Manuscript Sample at the Atlanta Writer’s Conference for the past two years.

Apart from writing his own fiction, Abhijith researches and writes about the future of technology for his day job, which is a pretty sweet gig. On good days, he manages to write fiction for work (can you believe it?!) and and work on his own fiction in the evenings. He's also the founder of the nonprofit MannMukti, which seeks to reduce mental health stigma amongst South Asians. (All views expressed on this website are personal views and do not constitute any statements on behalf of MannMukti.) E-mail: abhirav92@gmail.com Twitter Instagram

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Abhijith Ravinutala

Writer in Austin. Fiction in Southern Review, Glimmer Train, & others. Working on a short story collection & debut novel. More at Abhijithr.com